New Supplements

Since 01.11.2013 I take following supplements. Already after 1 week I notice a significant strength increase, also acts motivated and you not be tired during the trainings.

PROFI MASS Food supplement, protein-carbohydrate concentrate mix powder especially for sports people. With sugars and sweeteners, just add water. Complex composition of valuable proteins (WPC, WPI, micellar casein, WPH) and properly compiled carbohydrates, enriched with MCT oil, isomaltulose and L-glutamine. Proteins contribute to the growth or maintenance of muscle mass, which is component of lean body mass.

Source: OLIMP Sport Nutrition

L-CARNITINE GOLD is a highly concentrated product which contains as much as 1500 mg of highly assimilable, liquid L-Carnitine in one serving. This substance plays a key role in the process of transport and final conversion of fatty acids into energy. The product has been enriched with a special Quick-Sorb formula, which accelerates its absorption. It also contains pantothenic acid (Vit. B5), which supports the metabolism of fats. L-CARNITINE GOLD facilitates burning of the fatty tissue; it has an energising effect and it increases the capacity of the organism during long and intensive exercise.

Source: TREC Nutrition

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